Our Services & Methods

Unlike other real estate methods, auctions utilize a team approach to selling property. Our real estate sales staff serve as project managers and oversee all the details to ensure customers’ needs are met. At the core of any auction is the marketing and advertising team that is challenged with bringing qualified buyers together to compete for real estate. From print advertising and telemarketing to Internet advertising and open houses, John Roebuck Auctions uses the talents of every team member to ensure success on auction day.

One of the most powerful success factors in using the auction method of marketing is an accelerated, polished, and comprehensive marketing plan. John Roebuck’s marketing program is custom-designed to fit the needs of the seller, and targets a prime audience suited for the property. Because the lead-time in a real estate auction is generally short, the marketing program must be comprehensive, intense, and targeted to prospective buyers. Our marketing efforts typically begin 6 weeks prior to the sale date. Both buyers and sellers appreciate our simple approach; we put the best mechanism in place to gain the maximum recovery for the client. Today, selling real estate quickly and effectively is in more demand than ever. Auctions are not just for distressed sales; they are a viable, successful option for selling property no matter the economic forecast. Traditional methods for selling may not always be the best option.

  • Value Propostion
  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • Accountability

Value Proposition 

  • NATIONALLY RENOWNED: A nationwide auction company and one of the top in the Southeast.
  • LAND SPECIALISTS: Specialists in large tracts with an in-house land division.
  • AWARD-WINNING MARKETING TEAM: Proven success at offering marketing and sales support that gets property sold.
  • EXPERIENCED: Over four decades into the history of our company with over 100+ years combined experience on our in-house team.
  • RESULTS ORIENTED: Top producers selling over $3 billion in real estate.
  • TACTICAL STRATEGIES: We understand the importance of having a comprehensive campaign that includes social media, online, print, e-mail & direct marketing.
  • CONNECTED: A solid database of over 100,000 investors.
  • ACCOUNTABLE: Detailed auction summary provided in accounting for expenditures, proof of performance and metrics to measure campaign effectiveness.
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE: We want your business and will work smart and hard to earn your trust and sell your property in one hour or less.
  • AWARD-WINNING TEAM: We took the top 11 honors in 2010 at the NAA Conference Marketing Awards with over 1,000 entries nationwide sponsored by USA Today.
  • ACCREDITED: CAI, GRI & AARE LICENSED: Licensed Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents in AL, AR, CO, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, SC, TN, TX.


Comprehensive Strategy

To execute a well-planned, targeted, strategic marketing campaign that will maximize ROI and draw the appropriate bidders for this property to secure the maximum sales price that the market will bear.

List Development
John Roebuck Auctions has an e-mail subscriber base of over 100,000 people that include previous buyers, investors, brokers, real estate firms and individuals. While the majority of our subscribers are domestic, we also have international investors who are a part of our proprietary direct mail and e-mail marketing lists. Other customized lists are rented through reliable list brokers.

Prospecting Mechanism
Utilizing a proprietary database of national and international contacts, we are able to enter the criteria unique to each auction and produce very precise targeted lists of potential prospects both demographically and geographically.

Quality Assurance & Campaign Accountability
Proactively monitor your media schedule to optimize results.
Electronic receipts provide quick advertising accountability.
QA provides opportunity to ensure exposure prior to event.
Analytical data supports projections and guides future direction.



Post-Campaign Metrics & Proof of Performance

Post-Campaign Web Analytics
A custom webpage within the John Roebuck Auctions web architecture will be constructed specifically for your property (Sample website printout attached). Keywords and meta tags will be carefully placed to ensure maximum traffic to your page from interested web travelers from around the world. The secondary purpose for keywords and meta tags are to ensure that the major search engines pick up on the page and draw traffic; Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Bing & Ask.com.

Accountability Support Services

  • Timely & accurate accounting procedures with line item detail
  • Campaign summary reports
  • Electronic ad receipts
  • Systematic ad tracking
  • Analytics
  • Statistical data