Greg Rowsey, President/Owner, Rowsey Furniture Company

I cannot say enough about the outstanding service that John Roebuck Auctions provided. I am not much of a letter writer and rarely do I hand out accolades but in this case, my appreciation for their performance in helping me reach and exceed my expectations must be expressed.

My family was going through a difficult time coping with decisions that needed to be made regarding our business. I felt that I needed to go another route rather than pursuing a traditional real estate listing and liquidation. Despite my initial misgivings regarding an auction, John Roebuck, the owner of John Roebuck Auctions, sat down with me and convinced me that the auction route would work best. John fully explained the auction process. He also stressed the Absolute Method as the means to generate the greatest return.

After spending time with John and comparing what his company offered as opposed to others, I decided to move forward. My concerns about selling at Auction and utilizing Absolute. as the vehicle were quickly allayed once the copetitive bidding began on Auction Day. Not only did the Real Estate sell at a favorable price but the overflow crowd bought the individual items for amounts that pleasantly surprised me.

I am sold on Auctions, the Absolute Method and the entire John Roebuck Auctions’ team. I also now have a new friend in John Roebuck who guided me all along the way earning my trust though his professionalism and concern.


This law firm has had the pleasure of representing Roebuck Auctions in northwest Florida for the past many years concerning its corporate affairs, auction support, and closing services.  In addition to assisting with business filings and

transactions, this law firm has attended auctions and assisted with contract and other document preparation.

The firm has also assisted with numerous closings for clients of Roebuck Auctions.  Please advise if you have any questions regarding our positive experiences with Roebuck Auctions.  Thank you.

Bill & Patricia King

Dear Sir,

At the time we called Roebuck Auctions, Bill and I both were very skeptical about the auction process.  Mike Ray contacted us immediately and any and all questions that we had were answered in a timely and professional manner.
He came to our property within two days of the time we contacted him and explained to us the options that were available to us.

When we chose to ABSOLUTE auction the property that we owned, Mike presented to us the pros and cons of an absolute sale.  We determined that the ABSOLUTE sale was the most beneficial for us after considerable discussion.  The Absolute sale of our property would allow us to move on with our lives.

On the day of the Open House, Mike was there to oversee the whole thing.  In fact Bill and I left our home in very capable hands.  The auction day was a smooth but eye opening experience.  In the future, if we have property to sell it will be in the same manner as we chose this time.Many thanks for the contribution that Mike Ray made to the whole process.  It was a special treat to be able to spend some time with Jasper Jones and the whole ROEBUCK AUCTION team.

Please feel free to contact us in the Orange Beach, AL area anytime you need references.

Louis S. Dipasqua, President/Chief Executive Officer, TBC Corporation

A note of appreciation for the manner in which you and your firm handled the sale of our Millbranch Avenue facility.
We’re delighted with the results and want to extend our compliments for the professionalism and excellent marketing that preceded the auction.  We wouldn’t hesitate to contract John Roebuck & Associates again.

Best wishes for continued success.



Ed H. Gatlin, Dover Motorsports, Inc.

This letter is an unqualified recommendation of John Roebuck, individually, and Roebuck Auctions, professionally.  John has been a true friend and a trusted business colleague for many years and on many levels. From my personal standpoint, I was one of the founders of Memphis Motorsports and served as its president for nine (9) years.  I was one of the six owners and instrumental in selling the facility to Long Beach Grand Prix in 1995.  I also brought the NHRA Nationals to Memphis. When my five partners and I sold to Long Beach Grand Prix, as part of the deal we maintained
ownership of approximately 210 acres located west of your oval track.

We decided this past year to sell this l and John Roebuck orchestrated a very satisfactory auction for us.  The auction was handled very professionally, and he not only met but exceeded my expectations in achieving top value in this sale.  I firmly believe that the auction method as I have experienced it will benefit Dover Motorsports, Inc.’s interests because of John’s national involvement in his professional and personal capacity, as well as his company’s tremendous marketing expertise.

Their time, talent and energy have earned my respect and I have no hesitation in referring them to you for the sale of the Memphis Motorsports Park. If you have any questions please feel free to call or write me at any of the contacts shown below.


Ed H. Gatlin

Jack Soden, CEO, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc

Thank you for assisting us with our auction during Elvis Week 2008.  As you well know, the auction was a huge success, gaming more than $6,800 for the Elvis & Priscilla Barbie Wedding Doll Set.  The excitement you helped create during the event made for a fun and entertaining experience for our Elvis Week guests and, just as important, it produced a wonderful gift for our friends at MIFA and Presley Place.

We appreciate the professionalism and enthusiasm you brought to the auction, and we look forward to working with you again.

Dianna and Bill Hardy

My husband and I want to personally Thank You and tell you how much we appreciated working directly with you and your outstanding, experienced, and extremely professional team. As you recall, we obtained your services for the Estate Auction of William Hardy, Sr. in December of 2007.

This was an extremely difficult time for our family and motionally challenging.  However, after visiting with you the first time we knew you were a very honest, trustworthy, and faithful man.  As we began to work with members of your team, we quickly acknowledged that they too possessed the high standards of quality just as you did.  You personally made the process much more simplified than we could have ever anticipated.  And because of the health issues of Mr. Hardy as well as our son, we needed to devote our time to them, and you allowed us to do that as you took over managing the affairs to prepare for the estate auction.

The home was sold for a very fair price within 5 minutes and the remaining items were ALL sold within the next 90 minutes.  Many times during the auction event you “checked on” our family and made sure we were doing ok.  Although this was business for you, you also made it quite personal and for that we are grateful.

I specifically remember asking you during our very first meeting to please just be HONEST with us, as that was all we asked.  You were more than just honest…you were faithful, trustworthy and caring.  The biggest impact you made on us was not the selling of the property in such a professional manner, but that before the business began that day…in the midst of several hundred people…you stopped and prayed for our family.  Thank you!

We pray that God continues to bless your business and other adventures as well as your family and the health of those you love.  It goes without saying, but we will always be a huge advocate for you and Roebuck Auctions!

Sincerely and God Bless

Stephen C. Rainer, Cold Creek Conservancy, LLC

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the successful auction you held for us early this month.  We had tried to sell the lots ourselves then with a local real estate agent.  Neither was very successful.  However we were very pleased with the outcome of the auction.  The property is worth only what it is worth and we feel through your efforts we got every penny of what it was worth.  As you may have noticed we were a little uneasy with the absolute auction idea but it sure got the bidders there and your ring men kept them bidding against each other with excellent results.

We are very pleased with the advertising campaign you put together and very pleased with the results of the auction.

Thank you for your help.

Bill & Carol Davis, 2302 Old Wagon Rd. Huntsville, AL 35801

It is with pleasure that I write this letter.  Both Carol and I want to express our appreciation for the outstanding job of marketing our home and the subsequent sale.  The professionalism displayed by your team especially Derrick Ballard who was with us all thru the process and stayed on top of everything.  He communicated with us on a daily basis right up to sale time.  Bobby Hutchison was the calming part of the team as we got closer to sale time.  We appreciate him being there to help with that part of the process.  And I would be remiss not to mention Mike Ray and Glenda.  We have nothing but good comments about Roebuck Auction Company and should we ever have the opportunity to use or
recommend your company we would not hesitate to do so.

Bart Starr. Sr., Starr Enterprises

As a note during the Sunday night reception of The BRAT charity golf outing, permit me to tell you again what a superb job you did in conducting the auction for numerous items.

As you are well aware, it is an outstanding event, and raises money for wonderful children’s charities and thus everyone associated with the gathering appreciates the volunteerism of folks like you.

Please extend our best to your family and friends for a very special upcoming summer season.

Dorothy J. Sturman & Eric Baker, Vice President/Controller Operations, DJ ENTERPRISES OF PANAMA CITY

As you are aware we recently used your company for the sale of our Blountstown, Florida property. Although we wish the property had sold for more, we are looking forward to the closing on this property.  However, this letter is to let you know that we were extremely happy with Mr. Ballard.  From the first time we called Roebuck Auctions he conducted himself with such a sense of professionalism and truthfulness.  He always answered our calls and was extremely helpful in every way.  He did all he could to try and bring more money to the table.

You are fortunate in this market to find someone who is so eager to help the client and to do a good job for you.  We would highly recommend Roebuck Auctions to anyone and wish you continued success in all of your ventures.