Are you planning on Bidding On-Line?

If yes, then follow these steps:

Please understand that we sell real estate, not furniture. It requires a proof of funds.

Step 1- We need your bank or financial institution (USA) to send a letter via email to that guarantees you have the funds available for the mandatory deposit that will be collected after the end of the auction. Funds can be collected as either a check written out the day of the auction and is delivered to John Roebuck Auctions by next business day or by a wire transfer that must be received within 3 days from the auction end date. We will review the bank letter and if it is worded properly, you will be approved.

Remember this is not a bank letter that tells us you are a nice and good bank customer, but a letter guaranteeing that you have the means to pay the deposit amount due at the end of the auction which is 10% of your bid.

Step 2- You need to complete the on-line bidding registration to be allowed to bid. We recommend that you start the registration process several days before the auction deadline to ensure that you will receive the financial approval to bid. YOU MUST NOT WAIT UNTIL THE FINAL DAY OF THE AUCTION TO START THE ON-LINE BIDDING PROCESS. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BID IF YOU AREN’T APPROVED BY THE AUCTIONEER.

Step 3- Always remember that some auction locations are not conducive to on- line bidding due to spotty or no internet service. If this is the case call John Roebuck direct to assist you. His number is 901-486-0839.

Thank you for your cooperation and we aim to please.

Your auctioneer, John Roebuck