Toucan’s Gulf Front Restaurant, Mexico Beach, FL

Selling as a going business in full operation with a full staff, general manager, and chef in place!
  •   Feb 15 @ 11:00am CST (Start)
  •   Aug 31 @ 4:00pm CDT (End)
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This sale ends on Wednesday, May 31 at 5PM CST.



General Information
The property is being offered for sale by the sellers.  JDR AUCTION SERVICES OF FLORIDA LLC A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, DBA JOHN ROEBUCK AUCTIONS (JRA) the broker and auctioneer, is soliciting written offers to purchase the property. 

You should thoroughly review all the Terms and Conditions in this document and all of the property information that is presented.  Additionally, it is critical that you conduct your own due diligence prior to placing your offer.

Property for Sale
This asset sale consists of Toucan’s Restaurant & Upper Deck Lounge with Two Vacant Lots as specified in this Property Information Package and on our website at    

Property Condition, Contingencies, and Seller Warranty
The properties are being sold “as is, where is” with no contingencies on closing, such as financing.  The only warranty given by the sellers is “good merchantable title.”  Properties shall be conveyed without any liens or encumbrances other than those for easements for utility companies, highway easements, public right of way easements, etc. as shown in the public records.  Buyers may, at their expense, have a new survey performed prior to closing. 

Real Estate Sales Contract
The 10% Deposit is non-refundable once your offer has been accepted.  If there is any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the Real Estate Sales Contract, the Real Estate Sales Contract shall prevail.

Buyer’s Premium and Total Purchase Price
A Buyer’s Premium of 10% shall be added to your offer amount to determine the Total Purchase Price to be accepted.

Title Insurance and Closing
The seller is responsible for providing “good, merchantable, clear title.”  Title Insurance shall be available and shall be paid for by the buyer.  Title insurance is recommended.  All other closing costs shall be born equally by the sellers and the buyer(s).  Closing shall occur within forty-five (45) days from the time all parties have signed the agreement.  Closing will take place at the offices of:

Burke Blue Hutchison Walters & Smith, P.A.
Doug Smith, Esq.
221 McKenzie Ave.
Panama City, FL 32401

All information contained in any documents included in the Property Information Package and any Financial Data is confidential and shall be kept confidential by each prospective Buyer, the Buyer(s), and any other parties receiving or reviewing the information.

JDR Auction Services of Florida LLC dba John Roebuck Auctions (JRA) or acting as exclusive auctioneers and agents for the sellers

The following are Terms and Conditions of the Sale. Please review and if there is any item that you do not understand, please call John at 850-654-6000.
• The property is being sold subject to the Sellers confirming the sale.
• A Buyer’s Premium of 10% shall be added to the accepted offer amount to determine the Total Purchase Price to be accepted.
• The Buyer will pay a 10% Deposit that is non-refundable once your offer has been accepted and both parties have signed the sales contract.  A sample of the sales contract is in your Property Information Package for you to review beforehand. Closing shall occur with forty-five (45) days from the time all parties have signed the sales contract.
• Title insurance is available at the expense of the Purchaser. Taxes will be prorated as of the closing date, and the buyer will pay their closing costs and the sellers will pay their part.
• All property is being sold “As Is / Where Is”.  The only guarantee from the seller is a valid, good and marketable title to the property. Neither the seller nor John Roebuck Auctions or any of its employees are giving any warranties other than the seller’s title warranty. The property is being sold subject to all easements, covenants, conditions, zoning, and any other existing matters.
• John Roebuck Auctions (JRA) is acting exclusively for the seller as auctioneer and broker.
• The property will not be sold with contingencies in the contract(s) including any financing contingency.
• The information included herein is a summary of information available from a variety of sources including the seller, most of which have not been independently verified. This summary has been provided for the use of the prospective buyers.
• All information and opinions are supplied herein without any warranties or representations; either expressed or implied whatsoever from John Roebuck Auctions (JRA), the sellers, or any of their respective representatives, agents, or employees.