GALLERY AUCTION! Commercial/industrial land, homesite

1st choice of 3 lots in Cordova selling with no reserve, ± 11 acres industrial land in Memphis, 1 commercial, 2 residential lots in Cordova, all selling with no reserve, & ± 9 acres in Arlington, selling to the highest acceptable bidder.
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A Gallery Auction with great opportunitites! Industrial land, commercial land, and residential building sites, including:

• Selling with no reserve! This ± 11 acre 500,000 sq ft industrial land is ready for development just off Shelby Drive. Need dirt? There’s plenty to spare! County tax value is $400,000, or 80 cents per sq ft. The starting bid will be $40,000 or 8 cents a square foot! Click here for a site plan.

  • ±11.5 Acres
  • Location is only 1,300 ft South of Shelby Drive
  • Easy access to freeways
  • 20 Feet of dirt sits above street level
  • Rare opportunity to buy a large tract in this locale
  • Zoned industrial

• Three Cordova commercial lots in the Meadowcreek Cordova Road Office Park, just off Germantown Parkway, the final three lots to sell. First lot, your choice, will be sold with No Reserve! Great professional offices – doctor, lawyers, CPA’s – your company will fit in nicely! Buy now and build later, lot sizes between ± 8,500 sq ft and ± 9,500 sq ft. A set of building plans are available, furnished by the seller.



• Selling with no reserve! ± 30 acres of great development potential in North Memphis. Approx. ± 3 acres zoned commercial at the corner of Raleigh/LaGrange and Hoover Roads, A great traffic count, ideal for convenience store, fast food, service station, or retail offices. Selling in three tracts – ± 3 acres, ± 10 acres, and ± 15 acres – or you can buy it as a whole. SELLING WITH NO RESERVE REGARDLESS OF PRICE! GREAT POTENTIAL! LOTS OF MARKETABLE, MATURE TIMBER! OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE!

• Selling with no reserve! ±1.1 acre home site on Thor Road in Cordova, adjacent to 8555 Thor Road. Great setting and a well groomed lot in a great neighborhood! Buy now, build later! Great investment! SELLING WITHOUT RESERVE REGARDLESS OF PRICE!

 Selling to the highest acceptable bidder!
11996 Douglass Road, Arlington, TN

  • Great development opportunity near downtown Arlington!
  • ±392,040 sq ft | ±9 acres
  • One of the last large tracts in Arlington
  • Perfect for a developer or personal estate
  • Zoned residential
  • Walking distance to shopping, recreation, churches and banks
  • Less than a five minute drive to I-40 and Bill Morris Parkway
  • Across the street from Arlington Elementary

This ± 9 acres of land in Arlington is prime for development! The family has finally decided to sell the land to the highest acceptable bidder to settle the Dowell estate. This property is adjacent to the Carter Subdivision. Very nice home sites in downtown Arlington with a great school system! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy this prime land. Pre-auction offers are welcome!

Live Auction Terms:
10% Buyers Premium is added to the final bid price to determine the final selling price. 10% down day of sale and the balance is due at closing. Property information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Announcements made on the day of sale take precedence over any previous advertising.

Online Auction Terms:
1. Bidding Increments:
Each John Roebuck Auctions auction listing may have different bidding increments. The software will calculate the next bid amount before submitting the bid.

2. Agency:
John Roebuck Auctions, Agents and Representatives are agents of the Seller.

3. Buyer’s Premium:
There will be a ten percent (10%) Buyer’s Premium added to final bid price to determine the final selling price.

4. Auction Ending:
The auctioneer will have sole discretion when to close the bidding for this auction.

5. Time Increase or Decrease:
John Roebuck Auctions may increase or decrease the amount of time to place a bid for this auction. The online software automatically increases the final bid time for ten (10) minute each time a bid is accepted during the last ten minutes of an auction close time. This time increase will continue until no further bids are received in the final ten (10) minutes of the auction close time.

6. Outbid Notification:
Bidders will need to watch their bidding screen to determine the current winning bid amount. Absentee bids may receive an email notice if outbid, but not guaranteed.

7. Property Information & Inspection:
John Roebuck Auctions is not responsible for any missing or incorrect listing information. John Roebuck Auctions has attempted to provide accurate descriptions. However, it is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct any inspections to determine the condition and feasibility of the bidder’s intended use. Descriptions that are provided by John Roebuck Auctions are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

8. Auctioneer’s Discretion:
John Roebuck Auctions has full discretion to modify the date, time, order, and details of the auction for any reason or no reason at all, including but not limited to technical issues, emergencies, and convenience of John Roebuck Auctions or the seller.

9. Server & Software Technical Issues:
In the event that there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software or John Roebuck Auctions shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. Email notifications may be sent to registered bidders with updated information as deemed necessary by John Roebuck Auctions. THE ONLY GUARANTEE THAT YOUR BID WILL BE PLACED IS TO BE AT THE ACTUAL LIVE BIDDING EVENT!

10. Terms:
ONLINE BUYER: 10% OF THE FINAL BID PRICE REQUIRED as non-refundable earnest money in the form of a certified check, cash or wire transfer within 24 hour of the close of auction (or next business day), with the balance of purchase price due at closing. Purchaser shall be responsible for all wire transfer fees. LIVE AUCTION FLOOR BUYER: 10% OF THE FINAL BID PRICE REQUIRED as non-refundable earnest money IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE AUCTION, with the balance of purchase price due at closing. Closing will be as specified in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate. This online only auction is a CASH SALE not contingent on or subject to financing, appraisal, survey or inspections of any kind, as agreed to by Bidder and or Buyers at registration prior to bidding and specified in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate under “files” sections of the webpage.

11. Contract for Sale of Real Estate:
ONLINE BUYERS: The contract is required to be fully and correctly completed, WITHOUT any modifications and properly signed within 24 hours of the close of auction. LIVE AUCTION FLOOR BUYERS: The contract is required to be executed immediately after the close of the auction.

12. Closing:
Property is to be closed within 45 days after the auction unless otherwise stated in the purchase and sale contract. NO EXTENTIONS. Be prepared to close.

13. Closing Costs:
Seller shall pay Seller’s side closing fee and document preparation fee. Buyer shall pay Buyer’s side closing fee and document preparation fee. Seller shall pay no closing costs for Buyer, including any lender’s fees or recording fees unless otherwise agreed to in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate.

14. Property Condition:
Buyer specifically acknowledges herein that the property is being purchased ‘AS IS’ with all faults and that neither the Seller nor John Roebuck Auctions, makes any warranties or representations, express or implied, as to the habitability, condition, square footage, acreage or boundary lines of the real property conveyed herein. Seller is NOT responsible for any repairs.

15. Hold Harmless:
Buyer and or Bidder agrees to hold harmless and indemnify John Roebuck Auctions and its Agents, Owners, Directors, Employees and its Representatives from any and all claims, damages or suits including but not limited to awards, judgments, costs, fees, etc.

16. Disputes:
Any dispute between John Roebuck Auctions, its Agents or Representatives and the Buyer(s) will be tried in a court of jurisdiction in Shelby County, Tennessee or the county that the auction listing resides in. By bidding on any item, buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. EACH PARTY HEREBY KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVES (TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW) ANY RIGHT IT MAY HAVE TO A TRIAL BY JURY OF ANY DISPUTE ARISING UNDER OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREES THAT ANY SUCH DISPUTE SHALL BE TRIED BEFORE A JUDGE SITTING WITHOUT A JURY.

17. Auction Bidder and/or Buyer Default:
Successful Bidder and or Buyer not executing and returning the contract with earnest money deposit AS SPECIFIED IN PARAGRAPH 10 AND 11 will be considered in default. In the event a winning Bidder and or Buyer fails to submit the signed Contract for Sale of Real Estate and earnest money deposit, the winning Bidder and or Buyer shall pay to John Roebuck Auctions, as damages, an amount equal to the Buyer’s premium or commission percentage, as set forth in said Contract, and any and all expenses incurred by the said John Roebuck Auctions, for said auction. Should Buyer’s earnest money check be returned for any reason whatsoever, this shall constitute an item of default, and in addition to the remedies previously stated hereinabove, Buyer shall also pay an additional penalty of five percent (5%) of the earnest money check to John Roebuck Auctions. Buyer shall also pay a reasonable attorney’s fee and costs incurred in the collection of these monies owed by Buyer as a result of Buyer’s default. Buyer shall also pay the Seller any damages caused by said breach of contract, including attorney’s fees and costs. This shall not preclude the Seller from suing for specific performance of the Contract of Sale, in addition to said damages. It is specifically understood and agreed by and between the Seller and John Roebuck Auctions, that in the event the Buyer should default in the terms of this Contract in any manner whatsoever, that the earnest money, or sufficient sums therefore, shall be paid first to the agent for the Buyer’s premium or commission percentage, and the balance, if any, to the Seller. Any disputes will be tried in a court of jurisdiction in Shelby County, Tennessee. John Roebuck Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to sell to the next highest qualified Bidder and or Buyer in the event the successful high Bidder and or Buyer does not comply with the terms of the sale. By bidding on the property, buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. The contract is required to be fully and correctly completed, without any modifications and properly signed. A contract that is incomplete, incorrect, or modified in any respect, is considered to be in default.

18. Auction Cancellation – Bid Rejection:
John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason. John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item, lot, or property from this auction prior to the close of bidding even if a bid has been placed.

19. Acceptance of Bid Prices:
ALL BIDS ARE SUBJECT TO SELLER CONFIRMATION UNLESS NOTED AS ABSOLUTE OR SELLING WITHOUT A RESERVE. Successful Bidder and or Buyer(s) will be required to enter into a purchase agreement immediately following the close of the auction. John Roebuck Auctions will e-mail documents to be executed and fax or e-mail back to John Roebuck Auctions within 24 hours of the end of the auction. Successful Bidder and or Buyers not executing and returning contracts with earnest money deposit within 24 hours will be considered in default. Any and all inspections that a buyer may want must be completed at buyer’s expense prior to the close of the online bidding. John Roebuck Auctions, Agents, Representatives or Employees may bid John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to sell to the next highest qualified Bidder and or Buyer if the winning Bidder and or Buyer is in default of these terms. Winning Bidder and or Buyer must execute the contract with no changes, modification, additions or deletion.

20. Title:
As specified in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate

21. Deed:
As specified in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate

22. Possession:
As specified in the Contract for Sale of Real Estate

23. Real Estate Taxes and Closing Cost:
UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THE CONTRACT FOR SALE OF REAL ESTATE, all taxes will be prorated to day of closing using the most current available year’s tax amount. HOA fees and condominium assessments, if any, will be prorated up to the date of closing. The purchaser will pay all other closing costs associated with the purchaser’s side of the sale, including local and state recording fees and any cost associated with the purchaser’s loan.

24. Easements:
Subject to any and all easements of record.

25. Zoning:
This property is subject to all state and local zoning ordinances.

26. Acreage & Aerial Photos:
Parcel dimensions and acreages are based on legal descriptions. Aerial photos are for illustration purposes only and not surveyed boundary lines.

27. Bidder Verification:
The identity of all bidders will be verified. Bidding rights are provisional, and if complete verification is not possible, John Roebuck Auctions will reject the registration, and bidding activity will be terminated. The Seller and John Roebuck Auctions reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding. John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to modify, change, or remove usernames at any time.

28. Bidder Responsibilities:
Bidder responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential, as they are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. If the registered bidder’s user name is offensive to John Roebuck Auctions, or in their sole opinion detrimental to Bidding Activity, then John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to delete the bidder from bidding or unilaterally change the username with notification to the Bidder. When using the web site you must obey any and all local state and federal laws. Violations will result in termination of web site use privileges. Auction company employees and/or auction company may bid on auction. We gather aggregate information from the web site which may include but is not limited to: number of page visitors, most visited pages, and any and all correspondence. John Roebuck Auctions reserves the right to modify, change, or remove usernames at any time.

29. Guaranty Agreement:
By submitting a bid in the name of a business entity or corporation, the individual submitting the bid enters into a guaranty agreement whereby he or she personally guarantees earnest money payment to John Roebuck Auctions.

30. Age Requirement:
All bidders must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

31. Bidding Priority:
The auction company reserves the right to make live floor bidding a priority over all online bidding at any time during the auction.